A good 81% of South African citizens use government hospitals, as many cannot afford medical aid.

And 26,6% are unemployed and are dependant on a relative who’s income is a government grant or a low-
income salary.

With the government underbudget and understaffed, the strain is evident in the quality of public hospitals in
comparison to private hospitals.

Hospital wards are crammed with 15+ patients with only 2 nurses per ward, toilets are broken & the air
conditioning systems are out of order.

Public healthcare is certainly not on the same level as private healthcare hence we believe that access to top
tier healthcare is the basic right of every South African.

We invite you to help us make our dream of quality healthcare in public hospitals become a reality by donating to our cause.

In order to make a difference we need to come together as a nation and contribute to the uplifting of our country.

It all starts with you.